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Whether you are interested in starting a company or restructuring an established business, we can assist you in the formation and maintenance of your entity. We help businesses tackle a wide array of business law issues in an efficient, cost effective manner. We also handle the legal aspects of starting and running your business so you can focus on the strategies that will help you grow.   Some of these legal matters include:

  • Business Formation - Selecting which structure is best suited for your business taking into consideration taxation and liability issues. It could be as simple as a sole proprietorship, or more complex such as a limited liability company (LLC), Series LLC, Limited Partnership (LP), Corporation, or Nonprofit.

  • Business Transactions - We will help you address all aspects of going into business with another person or entity. To that end, we create required agreements such as partnership agreements, company agreements, with and without buy-sell language and shareholder agreements. We start with the organizational meeting and all that is associated with getting the company off to a solid beginning. 

  • Business Contracts - Drafting and reviewing all contracts related to the operation of the business, such as leases, vendor agreements and licenses.

  • Protecting your Intellectual Property - Many businesses do not realize that their brand (trademark) is one of the most valuable assets they have.  We will help you review and determine those aspects.  Subsequently, we will help with registration of your trademarks, service marks, taglines/slogans, and creative expressions (copyright). These are a very important and crucial part of protecting your business. Protecting your intellectual property also includes: policing and enforcing your marks and copyrights, and licensing their use.


While many legal matters are planned in advance, many legal matters happen unexpectedly. We take great pride in being easily accessible and responsive to clients when they need us.   

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